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Lindy here!

The girl behind the camera! I am a photographer living in North Georgia, born and raised here! I also like to call myself a dog mom to my sweet dog & a daughter to my savior. I'm always praising him for the talent he has given me and the way I get to serve you all! I also think I’m a professional singer when I’m in the shower and eat way too many bags of popcorn a week than I probably should. I love to relax but am always looking to travel somewhere! I probably talk too much during movies. I’ll laugh at my own jokes, dance like a little kid, and try to find joy every day. 

Photography has inspired me in so many ways and made me more creative than I ever thought I could be. It’s like every time I capture a photo my heart just overflows with joy. I get to capture moments for my clients that they will hold on to forever. Delivering a client a gallery is like sending them a gift of memories that will always be cherished. It just makes me happy to make YOU guys happy. 


I’m always down to get dirty and take any adventure my way when it comes to my photoshoots! Clients that are up for anything are my kind of clients. I’ll probably bring a speaker and talk your ear off BUT I love making new friends and when I make a new client, I’m also making a new friend. I hope that I get to be working with you soon and I probably love you already! xoxo

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